About Us

Rent A Locker offers a range of services including:

Public Locker Hire
At multiple convenient locations Australia wide.

Event Hire Lockers
Functions Events, Extra staffing, short Term solutions

Key Lockers
Perfect for Air BNB, Property Management & Car Rental

In addition to the above services we can design, manufacture & install a range of lockers to suit your needs.

Quality Australian Made

Our locker systems are fully developed in house by our partner business Check Inn Systems  from design, software & hardware development all the way through to manufacturing and installation. We have the technical expertise and experience to ensure our lockers are built to last and are safe & secure.

We have designed our locker systems to withstand high traffic areas with harsh public environments including:

  • Extreme heat
  • Rain & hail
  • Wet areas including swimming pools & beaches which are in unsecured locations.

Automated Unmanned Locker Kiosk Systems

  • Electronic kiosks are built using the latest platforms and offer innovative and easy to use technology.
  • Software can be customised and we can offer integration with various systems.
  • Full range of either cash or cashless payment systems
  • Locker management can be accessed remotely from anywhere in real time with our mobile management app for management and support purposes.
  • High resolution video  monitoring
  • Multi language options
  • 24/7 customer and technical support.  We will assist customers to access their locker, whenever they need us

From a customer perspective the lockers are easy to access and the payment kiosks are simple & easy to use.

For quick easy safe & secure transactions you need Rent A Locker.
Talk to us today about providing a solution for you